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C section

Tracks fitted in the roof of vehicles to carry rollers e.g. on curtainsider curtains and sliding roofs.


C shaped structural components of base frames in which support legs, fittings for gas springs etc. can be integrated.


Term used for air resistance coefficient.


Cables are used for many vehicle applications e.g. over-running brakes on car trailers or spare wheel winches.

Cable winches

Used at the front of many vehicles including low loaders to assist loading e.g. used to pull broken down cars onto car transporters.


Longitudinal section on the outer edge of a roof that may be right angled or rounded.

Car transporter

Trailer or vehicle for transporting cars.

Cargo control equipment

General term for cargo control equipment which is a compulsory requirement for safety.

Cargo control track

Cargo control track, usually fitted to side-walls or set in flooring.

Cargo control track – round holes

Used extensively in vehicle bodywork especially box bodies where cargo is controlled with shoring poles. Track can be fitted in side walls or in the floor and roof.

Central lock

System for automatically opening and closing curtainsider curtains – manufactured by the German company Wihag.

Centre of gravity

Calculated from vehicle weight and dimensions. The lower the centre of gravity the better the road holding.


Term used for the standardisation of swap bodies.


Universally used term for vehicle sub-structure.

Checker plate

Used as flooring in foodstuff and refrigerated vehicles often with folded edges to form a three-sided sump which is watertight and easy to clean.

Checker plate

Metal sheets with textured surface used as non-slip flooring e.g. in refrigerated vehicles.

Checker plate floor

Used as flooring in foodstuff and refrigerated vehicles often with folded edges to form a three-sided sump which is watertight and easy to clean.

Chest bars

Part of a well-equipped horse trailer. Used to help support the standing horse and prevent injury in an accident.


Cleaning system for tanker vehicles.

City Logistic

Urban distribution traffic.


Anti theft equipment for rear barn doors with external locking gear.

Clear dimension

Various internal dimensions in bodies and trailers are called clear dimensions.

Clear load area

Uninterrupted loadable area


Name of manufacturer and anti-spray mudflap system. Fitted behind the mudguards. The mudflaps prevent water spraying out from the side of the vehicle and thus improves conditions for the following traffic.

Coil care

Cargo control system from the German manufacturer Kögel.

Coil trough

Vehicles for transporting coils must have adequate methods of securing the coils e.g. a strong chassis design, suitable for 30 tonnes over a length of 1.5 m, a coverable and fitted coil trough with a diameter of 900 – 2000 mm, safety posts to VDI standards and reinforced lashing points in the chassis.

Column mounted

Aggregate with single tyre swing axles centrally mounted above.


A type of rear tail-lift which lifts vertically on the rear frame. Low weight system with capacity up to 1 tonne.


Abbreviation for combined road/rail transport.


Leading manufacturer of tilt and curtain material.

Concrete mixer

Mobile mixing drums from 6 – 10 m³ built on trailers or rigids.

Conical bearing axles

Modern trailer axles are developed with conical bearings because they offer better and smoother running.

Connecting cable

Spiral cables for connecting electrics (electroflex), air (airflex) or hydraulics.


Term for connectors on pressure pipes, measuring equipment, etc. on tank vehicles.


Universally used term for ISO containers that travel by ship, road and rail.

Container locking equipment

Securing fittings on chassis for transporting skips and roll containers.

Container terminal

Storage and handling area for containers and swap bodies.

Continuous cantrail

To load bodies along their entire length it is necessary to remove any side posts with the cantrail remaining in place. For this the cantrail needs to be suitably reinforced to support the roof.

Corner bumpers

Bumpers fitted to rear of vehicles to help prevent damage when reversing to loading bays.

Corner casting

Corner fitting on containers and swap bodies.

Corner castings

Securing fittings on containers and swap bodies.

Corner dimension

The distance in mm from the king-pin to the left or right front bottom corner of semi-trailer bodywork. This dimension is important for compatibility of tractor units – usually 2040 mm.

Corner fittings

Equipment used to attach containers and swap bodies to vehicle or trailer chassis.

Corner flaps

PVC material flaps spanning between opened sides of a sales trailer.

Corner marker lights

Lights fitted to the upper and lower corners of a body to show the outline of the body in the dark.


Corrugation is used in many vehicle components e.g. for strengthening side walls or to form recesses for cargo control tracks.


Another term for coupling.


Covers of various sorts – in particular the hinged cover used on car trailers.

Creusabro 8000

Fine grain steel used for tipper bodies with exceptional surface hardness 480 – 560 HB i.e. 1630 N/mm².


Member running laterally across a body roof e.g. the bowed roof supports on a tilt body.

Cryogenic gas

Gas handled and transported at low temperatures.


Term used for safety testing of swap bodies.

CSC axle load

CSC requires strength of swap body floor to be at least 5460 kg/m².


Concentrated Short Messages. These are long SMS messages > 140 Bytes, comprising up to 255 SMS Messages (also known as Long SMS).


Leading European trailer rental company (name of the company is now T.I.P.).

Curtain buckles

Steel, stainless or plastic buckles using a webbing tailstrap with hook to vertically tension curtainsider curtains on the side rave.


Universally used term for vehicle bodies with sliding side curtains.


Vehicle bodywork with sliding side curtains. Allows fast loading/unloading from the side.

Curtainsider semi-trailer

Semi-trailers with side curtain bodywork. Known internationally as curtainsiders.


Anti theft locking system for dry freight bodies with double rear barn doors, external locking gear.

Cyclops translock

Anti theft lock for container doors.

Grappler lifting pockets

Components on containers which are used for lifting by grappler cranes and other handling equipment.