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Neck (main beams)

The front section of a semi-trailer chassis where the main beams are reduced in height. This area has been increasingly important with the growth in popularity of Jumbo and high cube trailers because the depth of the neck has a critical influence in the internal height of the trailer. Improved design and materials have lead to necks which are now as thin as 40 mm – this was considered impossible a few years ago.

Non slip floor

Floor covering usually using sand to provide a non-slip surface.

Non-standard containers

Swap bodies that have top as well as bottom corner castings or side doors that are not manufactured in line with ISO standard dimensions.

Tongue and groove

Timber assembly system for wooden drop-sides and floor boards which have a tongue on one edge and a groove on the other which fit into each other giving a flat finished surface.

Trailing steering (system)

Trailing steering systems are used to be able to steer trailers or semi-trailers without the influence of the tractor unit. These are steered separately via the hydraulic system’s master side, which is in turn separate from the slave side and supplies the