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Framework construction

Term used for body construction that comprises a structural frame with an internal and external skin.


Used on silo and tank vehicles for access at the top of the vehicle. Also found on tipper bulkheads e.g. for operation of roll-over cover. Must be installed in accordance with Health & Safety Regulations.

Garage transporter

A special type of vehicle that can pick up a garage with telescopic arms and set on the vehicle. This applies to garages with integrated floor. For garages without floors the vehicle drives into the garage and hydraulically lifts it from within.

Garment rail holder

In garment carriers a holder is provided for garment rails which are not being used.

Gas welding

Modern welding with gas has replaced earlier electrode welding. The weld is made from a large roll of wire that allows welding to be continuous and quick.

General Authorisation

General authorisation of vehicles from the German Federal Transport Office.

Glass transporter

Floorless vehicles that transport large vertical panes of glass.

Goods segregation

Tankers, especially for hazardous goods classes A1 to A3, may have separate connection systems for loading/ discharging the different classes of goods.


Step at the front of a semi-trailer chassis from neck to low load deck. Often used for high volume bodywork.

Grappler lifting pockets

Components on containers which are used for lifting by grappler cranes and other handling equipment.

Ground clearance

Distance from the ground to the lowest component under a vehicle.

Guide posts

Body posts in which the vertical drive mechanism of lifting floors are located e.g. double floor systems and car transporters.

Guide rails

Becoming more common for food transport. These are fixed compartments that are used to control the roll-cages during transport.

Guide rollers

Used on swap body chassis and on demountable bodies. On swap body trailers these rollers are used to locate the swap body on the trailer. On demountable bodies the rollers are fitted beneath the body so that the body rolls up the chassis to the correct location.

Gull winged body

Body used for beverage delivery whereby the lower side wall folds down and the upper side wall automatically folds up under or over the roof allowing full clear side access.