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Ultra low loader

Unusually low trailers where the load area lies between the wheels and thus is very low and easy to load.

Under loading

Tankers in class A1 to A3 may be filled from below. Requires container safety and gas return equipment.

Underfloor refrigeration equipment

Equipment mounted under the vehicle rather than on the bulkhead to maximise internal volume.

Underslung suspension

To reduce trailer deck height suspension may be fitted below the axle beam to reduce chassis depth.

Unitas 2000

Product name for a new form of tank from German manufacturer Schrader. The lower tank floor is domed inward to achieve a lower centre of gravity.

Unloading systems

Automatic systems for unloading vehicles e.g. walking floors, chain systems or rolling floors.

Unloading time

The time to unload a vehicle. This has become a major purchasing criteria e.g. rolling floor systems and all closing and opening systems.


A special stainless steel alloy used for extremely aggressive products especially for tanker construction.


German accident prevention regulations.