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Adhesion steering

Trailer and semi-trailer axles can be steered using the vertical load on the axle and adhesion of the tyres on the road surface when turning in a curve. Pneumatic cylinders stabilise the axle when travelling straight on.

Adjustable drawbar

The front end of a drawbar may be adjusted in length to influence the gap between truck and trailer.


Standard chrome-nickel stainless steel alloy.


High strength chrome-nickel stainless steel alloy.


Axle aggregate with parabolic suspension – from BPW.

Vacuum panels

Thin insulated panels with better insulation values than standard thicker insulated panels. Used for delivery vehicles. Well suited for multi chamber vehicles – thin panels do not excessively reduce internal dimensions.


Product name for a range of ABS braking systems from the manufacturer Wabco.


Product name for new body kit generation from the German manufacturer Sommer.


Type of ABS from the manufacturer Wabco.

VS 120

Highly wear-resistant fine grained steel (wearing steel) with a yield strength of approx. 1200 N/mm², a min. tensile strength of approx. 1350 N/mm² and a hardness of approx. 450 HB (HARDOX® 450 or comparable material).

Wearing floor

A thin hardwearing timber wearing surface may be laid and re-laid on a vehicle floor to preserve it.