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Pallet stops

Prevent pallets or cages sliding off the load platform and also provide a pallet stop when loading.

Parking brake

Ratchet or hand operated spindle brake used to hold a trailer at rest.

Partition walls

Used to create different temperature zones in refrigerated bodywork.


German manufacturer of axles, drawbars and coupling systems. Also known as Espe. Part of BPW.

Pick up height

This is the distance from the ground to the underside of the corner castings of a swap body.

Plywood internal lining

Usually used for foodstuff or furniture transport to protect the goods and the side walls.

Press-tipping semi-trailer

Used to transport refuse. The body is split in the middle, the rear part tips and the front part has a hydraulic cylinder and press which presses the load toward the rear until the rear half is full and then tipped out.

Pressure control valve

Valve that prevents excessive pressure building in a braking system or in the hydraulic system of a tipper.

Pressure dome aperture

Lockable tank filling aperture on pressure containers.

Pressure module

Records the braking pressure in an electronic brake system.

Pressure plates

Rubber covered panels in inloaders used hydraulically or mechanically to secure cargo e.g. plate glass.

Pressure tank

Containers that transport goods under pressure or use pressure to discharge, usually at 2 bar.

Prime mover

Another term for prime mover.

Prop stand

Folding or pivoting support legs which are used to stabilise a trailer when stationary e.g. caravans or catering vehicles.

Prop stand

Used on low loaders and market trailers to stabilise the body when being loaded or stationary. Weight is taken off the suspension.

Protective grill

Internal protective grill on a refrigeration unit evaporator.