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Main frame

The two longitudinal members of a chassis.

Major inspection test

Annual test for trailers from 10 tonne total weight.

Marbled finish

Overlapping ring pattern surface finish of aluminium or stainless steel tanks for aesthetic reasons.

Marker lights

Compulsory lights used to illuminate the top corners and lower contours of vehicles.

Meat hooks

Hooks fitted to the roof of refrigerated vehicles for transporting hanging meat.

Meat transport construction

Body construction fitted out to transport hanging meat e.g. roof track with meat hooks and watertight floor.

Mechanical suspension

Term for trailer suspension comprising several layers of steel springs.

Milk collection vehicle (trailer)

Tank trailers for milk transport – usually insulated and multi chambered. Milk is collected locally and transferred to long haul tankers. On board quality testing for fat content, bacteria, etc.

Modular construction

A popular manufacturing method using prefabricated common components that can be easily adapted to suit individual specifications.


Extremely light polypropylene material that can be thermally handled for refrigerated vehicles.

Moving bulkhead

Found in e.g. semi-trailers for transporting stone whereby a mechanically or hydraulically operated bulkhead wall is used to secure the load.

Mud flaps

Hang down behind mudguards and prevent spraying of surface water onto following vehicles.

Tipper heating

Heating system where exhaust gas is used to heat tipping body e.g. for bitumen transport.