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Bottom discharging vehicle

Term for silo vehicles that are emptied from beneath the silo via a self-emptying cone system.

E base axle

An electronic early warning system from the German axle manufacturer BPW which uses sensors to monitor among other things the tyre pressure, brake lining wear and temperature etc. The data is transferred using the vehicles Can.Bus-System.

E platform

Upper extendable loading platform on car transporters for 10 or more cars.


This is a solar powered bicycle trailer that uses solar energy to drive the bicycle.

Easy loader

Loading system where trailers up to total weight 3.5 t and light vehicles can be lowered to the ground and then loaded directly from ground level without ramps etc.


Manufacturer of aerodynamic components for trailers and semi-trailers.


Electronically controlled braking system. Advantages are shorter braking distances, balanced application of the brakes, automatic monitoring of trailer braking performance and longer service intervals. Drivers also have the same pedal force. The latest EBS systems incorporate ABV/ABS systems. An EBS system is connected through a 7-pole socket. An ABS system is connected through on a 5-pole socket.


Electronic level regulation for 2 ride heights.

ECO axles

Low maintenance axles form the German manufacturer BPW.

ECO Disc-tronic

Electronic disc brake system from the German manufacturer BPW. The usual system of air tanks, valves and hoses is not required and is replaced by an electronic actuation system.


A brake adjustment system from the German manufacturer BPW.


Manufacturer of hydraulic tipping equipment.

Edscha sliding roof

Sliding roof system from the German manufacturer Edscha. Easier to open and close than the traditional Hamburger roof system.

EG guidelines

Guidelines for vehicles and transportation in Europe.

EG Standard

Term used for components that comply with European Standards.


European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service. Satellite navigation system for Europe and Africa

Electric heating

Heating system for trailers and semi-trailers transporting temperature sensitive goods e.g. flowers, drinks.


Various vehicle components are electro-hydraulically operated e.g. tail-lifts, tipping equipment or steering.

Electro-hydraulic tipper

Tipper with built in power source (battery) which can be tipped without being connected to a tractor unit.

Electro-pneumatic control

Used for many applications e.g. operation of lift axles, emergency brakes, steering etc.

Emergency brake

Known as the third brake. Electro-mechanically applied by the tractor unit to brake trailers on steep inclines or under normal conditions to assist the air braking system. A loaded vehicle on an incline of 7% over 6km will be braked so that a speed of 30 km/h will not be exceeded.


Abbreviation for European Norm i.e. European Standards


Abbreviation of European Navigation Satellite System the European region GNSS2-System.


Electronic ride stabilisation program e.g. for semi-trailers. For car trailers to 3.5 tonnes gross weight the ESP is connected through the 13-pole socket. Within milliseconds of surpassing a defined limit the accelerator is released and the brakes engaged to prevent an increase of instability. After the third large swing a defined braking is applied.


Manufacturer of light and middle class axles (now BPW).


European Union.

Euro pallet

European standard sized pallets 800 x 1200 mm and 1000 x 1200 mm.


Trailer for skips and roll-on containers from the manufacturer Hüffermann.


Product name for tipping bodywork and trailers from the German manufacturer Kögel.


Product name for refrigerated vehicles from the German manufacturer Kögel.


Product name for a leading manufacturer of landing legs for semi-trailers.


Term used for a temperature recorder on refrigerated vehicles.


European standard 24 volt electrical connector between tractor unit and trailer.


Product name for BDF standard swap body demountables and chassis from the German manufacturer Ackermann-Fruehauf.

Eutektic panel cooling

Cooling system for insulated bodies usually used for food distribution vehicles. The system cools the vehicle overnight sufficiently to last throughout the following day.

Excavator platforms

These are low platforms that hang between front and rear axles and can carry heavy and high loads.

Exceptional approval

Issued for vehicles that have dimensions and/or weight outwith the usual legal limits.

Expanded foam

Term used to describe the filling in vehicle body cavities and insulated panels with foam.

Expansion joint

Joint in sandwich panel bodies that allows for thermal expansion/contraction.


Officially recognised expert in the field of commercial vehicles.

External dimension

The dimensions given in a vehicle registration document are the overall external dimensions.