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Coupling offset

The distance from the end of the vehicle body to the trailer coupling behind the rear axle.

Kick strip

Protective strip along the bottom of side walls.

Kick strip

Strip of material along the bottom of side and front walls to protect them during loading/unloading.

Kilometre counter

See Hubodometer.

Knuckle axle

Found on steering axles. Knuckle steering axles.

Knuckle steering axles

Friction operated steering system for axles.

Short coupling system(s)

Various short coupling systems are available from a number of manufacturers that considerably reduce the distance between tractor and trailer and thereby increase the available loading length. There are mechanical and electro-hydraulic systems. However since the increase of overall allowable vehicle length to 18.75m short coupling systems have become less necessary.

Tipper shaft

Three-way tippers and tipping semi-trailers have a lateral shaft that is used as the tipping pivot.